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Have you considered working as a sub-consultant? 

Maybe have adream to start your own business but worried about finding that first assignment? or just tired of chasing assignments for your own company?

Igknight can help you. 

As a sub-consultant, you get the freedom to choose your own assignment and avoid the heavy administration surrounding the assignment. We have a joint partner agreement, the rest we take care of. For you as a sub-consultant, it should be safe and easy to work with us as your employer.

Our offer

Sub-consultant - Partner agreement

You avoid administration and sales, leave that to us.

You are involved in determining the hourly rate for your assignment. We add our percentage and the final hourly rate is set. We negotiate with the customer.

You choose whether you want the assignment or not. Many small assignments or a secure longer assignment? Let's see what suits you.

Our customers are looking for your unique skills. We only work within our three focus areas Project consulting, engineering & digitalisation, Strategy & Transformation.

Do what you do best, deliver your skills and build your brand. We'll fix the rest.

We always conduct a serious interview and reference check on our sub-consultants. This is to ensure that we always deliver the highest quality to our customers.

Joint presentation takes place with the end customer. If there is interest from both parties, we sign the contract and start the assignment.

We will be present throughout the assignment as a coaching support if there is a need and regular reviews with the customer.

You must have fun and develop with your assignment. If you don't do that, we will find a new assignment for you.

Igknight stands for quality and because of that we do not want short-term cooperation, we prefer to have a long-term partnership with our established sub-consultants.

We are looking for skilled and experienced sub-consultants that have their own company with an F tax slip.

We also work with traditional consulting if you want to switch to permanent employment within IGKNIGHT.

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